From the lushest jungles to the driest deserts, Ghostie Goos are hiding nearly everywhere if you know where to look. They are supernatural by nature, possessing an array of strange and powerful abilities. Some are friendly, such as Jellybear or Kodacorn. While some are quite rude, like Caparend. Every Ghostie Goo has a unique personality and story.​

There are over 72 different types of Ghostie Goos, coming in all kinds of shapes and colors. They can be tiny, only a couple of inches tall, or massive, towering high above the clouds. They can resemble animals, objects, or even people!

Discover a world of Ghostie Goos with pins, trading cards, stickers, and more! Collect and trade with your friends to unearth the secrets of these mysterious spirits. New creatures and products are always in the works, so make sure to check regularly for updates!